9/10/23 Incredible Mid September Tarpon Fishing!

Got out today with long time customer Jeff G along with Capt. Trent who is running my other boat now.  We tried to mix it up and started off snook fishing with some pilchards we caught.  Had dead low tide and kind of a funky tidal current with not much moving water early on.  Didn’t do much and we fished around in 4 or 5 different areas.  Late morning though we happened to see a tarpon bust and had some mullet we had caught while snook fishing.  So we looked around and found it was quite a good school of tarpon!  We set up and soon we had tarpon in the air!  They weren’t sticking on the hook too well for us we put 3 or 4 in the air before we landed 1.  Then we proceeded to catch 3 more it was a really good bite, and then jumped a few more larger ones off after that!  I think we had a dozen bites just good tarpon fishing….  We stopped on the way home on a spot and caught a couple nice big redfish and even had one more shot at a tarpon that at a pilchard on a jig but he came off unfortunately.  Still though banner day landing 4 nice tarpon and hooking a dozen or more.  The September tarpon bite has been really good I’ve not been out a ton but we did get out last Wednesday and caught 6 tarpon that day as well and hooked 10 i think.  I may fish a few more days this month so give me a shout and if I can’t go, Capt. Trent is standing by.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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