5/2/16 May Everglades Tarpon Fishing Report

Got out into the backcountry today the winds were howling 20 out of the east.  We made it into the backcountry and fished the channels with the start of the incoming tide.  I only had a handful of baits so we had to make ’em count.  We caught plenty of sharks including blacktips and a nice hammerhead.  Then right when we were about through we hooked and landed a nice 50 lb tarpon for John.  He did well listening to my instructions and hooked the fish perfectly with the circle hook!  After that we did some light rod stuff and tried again for tarpon/shark for the last bit of the day, though not much else happened there.  Glad to have gotten another one this tough year.  1 for 1

Tonight I took Blake and his buddies that were suppose to fish with me the following day.  They had called me this evening and I decided I’d offer to take them late at night to catch the falling tide and then could take the next day off.  We opted for that and it was a good move.  There were tons of fish munching on all kinds of baits out in the local channels.  We got bit every drift for two hours but only caught 1 fish there missing the other bites but it was good activity and fun.  We went into another channel and didn’t hear near as much but we ended up landing two more tarpon so all three of the guys caught one.  Fun night and nice to have slept in and have the day off today.  Thursday I’m scheduled off too but may end up fishing it now we will see.  3 for 7.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk