5/1/16 May Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

This morning we fished a half day for tarpon locally around islamorada.  Managed to get one early on a live mullet saw quite a few more fish than we did yesterday which was good to see.  Though after we caught ours the tide changed and didn’t see the fish rolling around anymore.  We tried another bridge and saw some fish but no response, then tried the channels near home and also saw fish but again no respone.  Did get a nice mutton snapper for dinner off the bottom rod.  Glad to have gotten one tarpon.  1 for 1

I fished this evening and slow fishing again we didn’t have a bite all night.  Saw a few fish in the local channels we tried early but didn’t get them to do much.  We tried around the bridges and didn’t see a whole lot.  Then tried the same channel again near sunset, saw a couple boats catch one fish, though myself and the other guy out there didn’t get a bite.  Anyways would of stayed a little later but the crew had to be in for dinner.  Full day tomorrow going into the backcountry I think.  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk