8/7/16 Islamorada Tarpon Fishing in August

Got out with Scott and Xander down from Broward in Miami for a days tarpon fishing.  We headed out early and caught some bait on the way.  The 2nd bait stop though I got hung up on a tree and had to cut my net up to get it back, so that wasn’t a good start to our day!  Luckily I had leftover bait from yesterday plus the few we caught before that so we were in good shape.  Tarpon were thick today we saw plenty of activity when I pulled up, so maybe losing the net and getting their early was a blessing in disguise!  We proceeded to catch 3 tarpon in about a 30 minute window, just pulling you out of the boat they were.  After that things slowed up a little, we dropped further back where I had seen a few fish roll, and after a bit we caught another one.  Then a big old triple tail floated by that we caught, probably a 13 lber or so, very nice fish!  There has been a lot of them floating around back there we’ve caught them the last several days all big.  After that we moved one more time just randomly, and I thought the bite was over but we ended up catching a couple more fish.  Hooks were staying in them and we didn’t miss a bite it was pretty epic.  I didn’t get a lot of pictures in the madness but managed a few.  After that we bent the light rods a little bit but that was slow so we headed on back as it was very windy and took a nice easy slow ride home.  What a day out there!  I’m booked up through Friday and then from Saturday on I don’t have much.  Our tides for catching bait are getting easier on Wednesday, and I think the fishing will stay pretty good.  If you are looking to catch a tarpon I’d say right now there is no better time to come.  6 for 6

Capt. Rick Stanczyk