4/20/16 April Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada Florida

Tarpon fished again today with Nick, Craig, and Steven.  They fished me a couple days ago and we had landed a couple tarpon.  Nick still needed to land one.  Unfortunately it didn’t happen for us today.  I caught us some fresh lively bait first thing this morning.  Fishing was very slow I never saw anyone catch or even hook a fish all morning.  We tried several of the bridges, with boats around most of them.  Saw plenty of fish at the last two stops, though they were just non-responsive.  We ended up fishing up around town locally the last couple hours.  Saw a few fish in a channel and set up and we did finally get a bite, though he didn’t stay on for us we jumped him off.  Anyways tough fishing the water is still cold 75 degrees or so.  The el nino late winter is really killing us this spring with the day time tarpon bite, the fishing is just very slow.  Sometimes you get lucky and get in the right spot at the right time and may get a bite or two, but all the usual tricks that get them to respond are just not effective.  Anyways a day off tomorrow for some service work and then I have the same client for 3 days over the weekend.  Gonna try and talk him into going late at night as my schedule permits me to do it and I have him multiple days so I can adjust accordingly.  I don’t like fishing in the dark, but with the way it’s been I am going to do what I have to do.  We did have good luck the last several nights I fished last week!  0 for 1