4/19/16 Islamorada Tarpon Report

Well more wind and chilliness today we had a stiff northeast breeze blowing 25 mph today.  Fishing was tough we got rained on trying to catch bait I ended up buying some from the bait boys.  We saw quite a few fish early in the channel where we found them yesterday, though no bites today.  We saw some fish around the bridges, and a handful were caught, though only about 5 boats out of 15 or so had any bites.  We moved to another bridge and had a few cheap shots.  Fish coming up and busting or flashing the bait, but not committing to eating it!  We had one fish scale a bait though I wouldn’t even consider it a bite.  Very frustrating I had very nice customers and would of loved to get them a fish.  Anyways tough day worked very hard and moved around a lot trying to find some hungry fish, but they wouldn’t respond to us.  First day in a while I haven’t even had a bite, but it happens!  0 for 0

Fished this evening with return customer Frank and his family.  I was a little worried after the slow fishing today but things were a little more active.  It started off slow but as the tide turned and it got a little closer to sunset things turned on around 6:00.  We had several cheap shots and jumped off a fish on the bottom rod.  Caught a big nurse shark.  Then finally got a tarpon to eat a live bait and Frank caught a nice 50 lb tarpon.  Very happy to get a fish tonight I didn’t see anyone else get a bite and only hear of one other boat that caught one.  1 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk