4/22/16 + 4/23/16 Islamorada Tarpon Fishing Report Late April Full Moon

Had Darrel Brock out the last two days and have him again tomorrow morning.  Yesterday we fished all day around town locally and it was tough.  Saw a handful of fish caught but we never had a sniff unfortunately.  I tried in the morning and we moved several times, watching fish roll all around us but couldn’t get them to respond.  Late morning I went and stocked up on some more bait and we tried a few more areas.  No luck however we caught a few little sharks and that was about it.  So today I took him super early we fished 2 AM to 8 AM.  I normally don’t do the middle of the night thing but have had to resort to it a few times this season since the fishing has been so unpredictable during the day.  Luckily we left when we did we had good fishing until about 4 AM, having 5 bites and landing 2 fish.  After that the wind swung from south to west/northwest.  The fish just didn’t like it I moved a half dozen times and tried multiple different drifts, baits, etc…  We saw fish rolling around us in almost every area and just not very happy.  I spoke to another captain who fished that night and he said the same thing they had a few bites early on and then nothing.  Anyways glad we left when we did I always try my best to put my customers on fish.  I’m fishing an evening trip tonight will have a report for that probably tomorrow, and again tomorrow morning with Darrel we will be fishing from 5 to 9 AM.  I am open sunday night for a trip and tuesday evening as well.  Tides look favorable going into sunset the next several nights so may be a good time to go.  If you are looking to go drop me a line if I can’t take you I can recommend someone for sure!  0 for 0 and 2 for 5

Capt. Rick Stanczyk