4/24/16 Early Morning Islamorada Tarpon Fishing

Got out with Darrel again today for the last day.  We opted to leave early again and got out on the water at 5 AM.  Stiff north wind this morning and it shuffled the deck on us.  Fish were not in the spot they were yesterday we made a couple drifts there and then looked elsewhere.  We found them though in the next spot, near the end of our drift their we hooked a nice fish of about 100 lbs.  Darrel landed him quick though he popped off on the leader before we could get pictures.  After that it was getting to be light and we saw some fish roll.  We made another drift and got another bite though missed him.  After that things quieted down and we moved to the next channel over.  I hadn’t caught a fish in this channel yet this year though had seen them here a few times.  Anyways we saw plenty of fish roll on our first drift through.  We set back up and near the end of this drift Darrel hooked another pig a big 130 lb fish.  He never jumped at all and just stayed low we pulled on him a while before he finally surfaced and rolled.  Nice big fish.  Anyways he saved his energy and dragged us over a mile offshore near some patch reefs.  We landed him finally and got some good pictures.  Anyways a great morning was glad we got out early again!  2 for 3

Also last night we went and had it honking out of the west 25 mph.  We fished the oceanside where it was calmer and found some fish rolling.  It was ripping though the current looked like the Mississippi delta rolling out at 5 knots.  Anyways we got lucky and hooked a nice fish in the first hour that Bob landed.  After that things slowed down we saw a couple other boats catch fish.  Finally at 7:30 we had another bite we missed, then soon after hooked another and Bobs son Matt landed his first tarpon a nice little 40 lber.  Called it a night after that was very glad to get them 2 as they had fished that morning with someone else and had a slow morning not catching one.  2 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk