6/6/16 June Islamorada half day tarpon fishing

Got out for a half day today the winds were howling 25 mph out of the south with the front that is nearby.  I had Jim out with his family from Texas.  Luckily no rain.  I suggested cutting the day a little short with the conditions and it proved to be a good choice.  We found quite a few tarpon early on but not much action the first hour, but we knew they were there.  Once the tide started coming in we re-positioned and soon hooked a big old tarpon.  We landed him, got him on the leader several times, after a long battle though he broke us off in the bridge.  Later we hooked another tarpon and we got this one to the boat after a much shorter 10 minute fight, though the fish did almost spool us it was very close!  A 120 lb fish, nice one!  After that we jumped off another tarpon and caught a nice 100 lb sawfish, plus a big barracuda and a big jack were had in between.  All in all good fishing lots of action and a happy half day!  2 for 3