4/25/16 Morning and Evening Tarpon Fishing in April

4/25/16 AM – Had Warren and his son Alex out for some early morning tarpon fishing.  We left at 4 AM I told them super early had been a better bet as of late.  That was the case we hooked up right away and Alex landed a nice tarpon close to 90 lbs or so.  After that we made another couple drifts and got another bite.  Alex let his dad catch this one not quite as big as the first but still a nice fish of 70 lbs or so.  After that we tried some channels on the other side of the bridge where we had caught them the day before.  Though we made a few drifts in each one and no tarpon love.  After that we tried some other methods as it got light.  Saw a few tarpon roll but didn’t get any more bites just caught a shark.  Anyways a good morning to land two fish!  2 for 2

4/25/16 Evening – Tonight I had return customer Peter and his buddy Bobby.  It was a tough night conditions looked pretty good with falling tide until sunset, though the tarpon were not very responsive.  We tried a bunch of areas and several different methods of attack though couldn’t get much going.  Had one cheap shot boil on a live mullet.  Finally the last stop we saw a fish roll and made some drifts with our crabs.  I stayed a little later for the guys since it had been a slow night and after sunset we finally got a bite but unfortunately he didn’t stay on the hook for us.  Was very surprised with good conditions the fish were not responsive I saw maybe 3 fish landed out of 40 or so boats we saw throughout the night.  0 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk