6/5/18 June half day tarpon fishing florida keys

Got out with Shannon and Derek for last day today.  We left early and fished locally.  Did find a spot with some fish in it that looked good.  The boys did catch a tarpon last night as I opted to cut our day short yesterday and send them out with someone for an evening trip since I figured that’d be a better opportunity for them and when fishing is tough I don’t mind doing that.  This morning though unfortunately another fellow captain had gotten there about two minutes before us, and sat right where I wanted to set up.  Not that it usually matters though but we set up a few hundred feet away.  We watched them hook up after about 30 minutes, and after an hour or so of sitting we moved around a bit.  After we did this they got back to their anchor and then about 15 minutes later hooked a double header to add insult to injury!  I asked if he minded if we set up near their anchor which he did not.  But we couldn’t get a bite there, just one of those weird deals where someone sitting in the right spot gets bit up and you are right near them and don’t get a sniff… no rhyme or reason to it.  They came back and we moved around again where we saw fish roll.  After a little while we did finally get a bite but we jumped him off.  We made a couple more moves but no more tarpon bites though we did hook a nice cuda that cut us off.  Been a hard stretch for me hopefully the fishing gets better soon.  Day off tomorrow I’ll be fixing a few things on the boat and back at it Thursday though may not be tarpon fishing.  0 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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