2/27/19 February Everglades Fishing Charter for Tarpon

Great day with long time Bud n Mary’s customer and friend Rich Riolo and his friend Kevin with son Blitz. Rich hadn’t had a chance to fish with me but today was the day. I had gotten my boat back had to do a quick lower unit oil change this morning due to bending my prop shaft the other day, but thanks to Aaron at Proptec for getting it straightened out. We were after tarpon and ran into a good group where we found them the other day. We set up and first thing they were biting! We hooked three in quick succession blitz getting a few shots, but they were not good bites the tarpon we’re grabbing the baits and spitting them out quickly while jumping. Hard to get them to stick! We then caught a few sharks, but made a move and then got into see more tarpon. We jumped one more and then Rich got one to stay on. Big fish about 150 lbs I’d guess. He fought him well and we just got her to the leader and popped her off. Kevin got one after that about a 120 lber which we got up for some pictures. After that the tide quit and we went tripletail fishing which was fun, but we didn’t find any big ones. But nobody had caught one before and all three got to experience it casting to there own fish, a lot of fun. After the tide turned we tried for tarpon again, though they weren’t in the feeding mode we made a few moves and caught several more sharks and a couple more tripletails floating by. But all in all a blast I know everyone enjoyed the nice weather and plenty of action that we had! Back at it tomorrow hopefully fishing is just as good! 2 for 6

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing