5/9/15 More Florida Keys Everglades Tarpon Fishing

Well had the same customers again today we ran into the everglades where we found good tarpon yesterday.  However this morning things were not exactly the same.  First off bait was a little tougher we had to make a few throws and drive around a bit before we finally got one good shot on the mullet.  Though we got what we needed thankfully.  We ran out off the beaches and the tide was still trickling in.  We caught a few sharks and waited for the tide to turn.  Though we did not see any tarpon activity at all.  Fished for a while and a few more sharks.  Then we ran further along the mainland to another area.  There we spotted some activity, some tarpon free jumping and busting.  We set up and soon had some shark action.  Eventually we got our tarpon bite and we caught a nice 100 lb fish.  Soon after that we hooked another 130 lb fish that we fought for a while.  He ended up finishing our morning so Rupert landed 2 big tarpon over 100 lbs each, very nice.  2 for 2.