5/8/15 May Everglades Tarpon Fishing Report

Had a 3/4 day trip today so we switched things up and went back in the everglades.  It’s been slick calm and the water warmed up nicely, though slick calm isn’t always the best for tarpon fishing.  The local fishery has been very tough the last week as I’m sure you can tell from my posts.  Anyways we gave the backcountry a try with the warm weather and calm it felt like summer time  so I tried some of our summer time areas.  We caught bait very well back there and tried some channels.  Saw a few tarpon roll but no bites though we did catch a big blacktip and lemon shark.  We ran out off the beaches later and caught the falling tide.  Saw quite a few tarpon out there.  We got there a little late though another boat there was having some action with them.  We caught quite a few sharks including many small blacktips, atlantic sharpnoses, a large nurse shark, and about a 250 lb tiger shark which was very cool.  Finally we were able to hook about a 100 lb tarpon that put up a very good fight to finish our day.  Tomorrow we are planning to leave early and run right to the same area so I think we will get in on the ‘hot bite’ hopefully!  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk