2/28/18 February Fishing for Tarpon Southwest Florida

Got out with Irv today for a full day of backcountry tarpon fishing in the southwest Florida area.  I saw southwest florida as we made a long run about 50 miles in search of the silver king today.  The more local backcountry area hasn’t been great fishing this past week, lots of muddy water and a little algae I think too.  But we do have a cold front coming in this weekend which will hopefully help that somewhat.  We caught our bait early and headed far away.  We found plenty of tarpon in an area my buddy had told me about.  Good information is nice to have!  We hooked a big 150 lber on one of our first baits out!  Irv got him to the boat, a monster fish and we got good pictures.  We caught some sharks after that and then about an hour later, Irv hooked up another nice 110 lb fish.  This one fooled us I thought it was a shark he didn’t jump for a while.  We got her to the boat and then she took off and jumped and broke us off, but we had the leader in the rod tip for a technical release.  Later one some more sharks, and then we got one other nice 110 lb fish to finish the day of tarpon fishing!  Just epic for this time of year in February, doesn’t get any better then that!  We caught a few triple tails on the way home but the wind really kicked up hard and it got very rough, so we had to nix that idea.  Looks like we may get a couple calmer days here before the weekend, then Saturday night it’s suppose to drop down into the low 60s for a few days!  Late cold front but honestly I think we need it, it’s gotten way to hot too fast and that may hurt our tarpon fishing later in the late may/june time.  I was glad to finish February strong though it was a great month for us!  3 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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