3/22/14 March tarpon fishing in the everglades and florida keys

The tarpon season rolls on.  Today was flat calm and the water had a chance to warm up a few more degrees.  It was 77.5 in the backcountry where I’ve been fishing which is much better than 73.  A few degrees makes a big difference in the attitude of the fish.  We had falling tide all morning where I tarpon fished and we caught bait first thing a little further east where the tide was still coming in.  The mullet were thick as they have been the last several days with that condition.  We went 1 for 4 on tarpon within an hour and a half, also catching a couple hammer heads, black tip sharks, and big nurse sharks.  By 10:00 the bite slowed up and we weren’t seeing near the number of fish rolling which that often happens that time of day.  However we kept at it and we finally had another tarpon on by 11:15 or so.  Good fight and multiple jumps.  So 2 out of 5 tarpon overall.  Both nice fish in the 80-100 lb range.  We are suppose to get another minor cold front next week on wednesday.  We will see what happens, may slow down the tarpon a little bit but I don’t think it will for long.  Overall will probably be a good thing as we generally don’t want the fishing to get too good too early as that often leaves May and June much tougher!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk