3/21/14 March Evening Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada plus daytime!

Good fishing today.  We caught a total of 4 out of 6 tarpon.  We went 2 for 3 this morning in the everglades.  Several sharks too.  The tarpon weren’t really happy today we had a slight northwest breeze.  I did my first evening trip tonight.  March night tarpon fishing in islamorada is a good bet!  We saw several fish down by channel 5 though only in one area, not much around 2.  We had half a dozen ‘cheap shots’ where the fish would bust the bait but not eat it, just kind of slap it around.  A fellow guide I called in hooked one next to us and after another 20 minutes we hooked a double header!  One on a live bait and the other on the bottom.  We went after 1 fish and we got the leader on him though he got around a piling and we broke him off.  We were already through the bridge and the other line was still tight.  So we went back through, almost breaking a rod and slamming the bridge in the process but thankfully nothing was broke!  The tarpon was still on the other end through an entirely different span in the bridge – thank god for strong braided line!  We got him to the boat for pictures.  Jumped one other fish off towards the end of the evening back near the marina.  A fun day, all on fresh mullet!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk