3/20/14 March Everglades tarpon fishing report

We ran back into the backcountry everglades this morning for our tarpon fishing.  I was able to get around some islands and catch mullet with the last of the incoming tide.  This often is a good condition and the bait is relatively easy.  We got one good throw before the tide quit and boats raced through, ended up with about 30 baits.  This is why it is very important to be on time for charters – being even 20 minutes late sometimes can turn bait fishing from 1 throw and done in 5 minutes, to 20 throws and spending an hour or more.  This can have repercussions on your entire day of fishing so always better to be early than late!  Anyways we went out to fish some of the gulf channels.  Wind was out of the northwest but light.  The red grass was terrible almost making it unfishable, but we got lucky we hooked a tarpon with the first bait out in a few minutes.  Caught him and then caught a nice hammerhead shark.  A few more blacktip sharks and then finally another big tarpon of 100 lbs.  Went 2 for 2 the the wind kicked up more and everything seemed to shut down.  We tried around town on the way home for 45 minutes, saw half a dozen fish roll but no action out of them.