5/9/14 Morning Half Day Tarpon Fishing Trip in Islamorada

Another good morning tarpon fishing in islamorada.  Dan caught 2 out of 3 nice tarpon today.  We had a couple bites near channel 2 bridge.  One crushed a live mullet and missed the hook and the other we caught.  After an hour and a half or so the tide quit.  The wind was howling 20 knots and still pushing the water in with the weaker falling tide.  We ran back up the road and lots of boats fishing one of my favorite areas that use to not have much pressure…  We tried to squeeze in for a while, no bites and seemed not much going on then so we went over into another channel.  Saw a few fish roll and within 15 minutes we were hooked up again.  So 2 out of 3 for the morning.  Have the night off, caught some bait this afternoon, and full days for a while coming up.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk