5/7/17 Everglades Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing in May

Got out with Justin and Rick today.  They are down with another big corporate group that also fished last night and is doing some fishing tomorrow too.  We went out into the backcountry, it was a little chilly with the late cold front that hit us yesterday.  Winds were not too bad but out of the north still.  Water temperatures dropped into the mid 70s, down from the low 80s, so a significant cool down.  We saw a few tarpon in the first stop but no bites, did get a bull shark and a blacktip though.  We ran out further where the tarpon had been good several days ago before the cold front came.  Hoped to see a load of them out there, but never saw a scale!  It was pretty muddy too from all the pre-frontal west wind the last couple days.  We did get a big blacktip though.  We rode around for a bit looking for tarpon, didn ‘t see much, so we worked our way back to where we started this AM.  The tide had changed and I saw a few signs of fish.  Rick ended up catching two tarpon in the 40 lb range, good fighters for their size!  After an hour or so though, they kind of dried up.  We tried further in the channel but didn’t see much.  We ended the day catching some nice trout, ladyfish, and got a tripletail that was floating down the channel as well!  All in all a great day.  Have a couple half day tarpon trips coming up, hopefully can find a few fish around town.  2 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk