3/23/24 March rolls on… so do the Islamorada Tarpon!

Well I’ve been off for spring break myself with my kids… but Capt. Trent has been on the tarpon consistently the last week!  They had a huge day a couple days ago landing 5 tarpon fishing locally around Islamorada.  That’s great news – the tarpon are starting to move in heavily around the local bridges and channels now.  Most the fishing I’ve been doing has been back in the everglades which is where they often show up first in the early part of the season.  That is usually February and March.  Often by April that starts to fizzle out but that is when the local bridge fishing gets very good.  The nice thing now is half day trips are must most consistently do-able.  And that also means evening trips are a good bet!  Trent has done a few evenings in the last week and had good fishing too!  The 4pm to 8pm window is great as there is less pressure on the water and as it gets closer to sunset the bite often turns on.  We have availability for many evening through April and May, and you can often book your trip more short notice so if you are here and see the weather looks good for the next few days, you can cherry pick your conditions somewhat!  I’m back to fishing this week and will have more daily reports.  But if you want to book something in April and May give me a shout as both Capt. Steve and Capt. Trent still have some availability.

P.S. The tarpon pictured with Capt. Trent was under 40 inches so allowed to be removed from the water for a picture.  We do not remove larger tarpon from the water as it is illegal.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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