5/31/16 End of May Tarpon Fishing Report

Well May is finally at a close and we finished with a good day of fishing.  It’s nice things have been much more consistent for me the last couple weeks fishing in the backcountry/everglades.  June should get better and last year that was my best month overall.  Anyways today we had a bit of leftover bait though tried to get a little extra first thing.  It wasn’t easy to come by I made several throws with my net but did managed to get another 8 baits at least.  We tried the channel where we found them good yesterday but didn’t see the big school of fish that was there on the day before.  There were a handful rolling around once in a while.  We fished through the tide change, then looked around a bit and set back up to try again, though didn’t have a bite.  The fish quit showing so I looked elsewhere.  Checked a couple other areas though I didn’t even stop as I was wanting to see visible signs of fish with as calm as it was.  Anyways we ran to another channel and I saw a free jumper so we set up near that.  Soon a fish was rolling behind the boat, we caught a few sharks then hooked a tarpon.  We got him on the leader though he jumped and threw the hook at that point, but a technical release at least.  A few more sharks after that.  We kept to our guns and looked for tarpon out off the beachs, though no signs of life, but we did get a big bull shark and nice lemon shark.  We ran back towards flamingo to try another area, though not much luck in there didn’t see any fish nor any bites.  Finally we tried the first spot again and we did see a few fish rolling again.  With my last couple baits we used the trolling motor to get in front of them, and soon after we jumped a tarpon.  Not what we wanted to happen but eventually we got lucky and got another bite, and finally got this tarpon to the boat to finish the day.  2 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk