5/30/16 Everglades Tarpon Fishing Late May

Got out today with Bob and Bill down from North Carolina.  Tarpon was on the itinerary and we went off into the everglades fishing for them.  Had leftover bait though will be having to restock soon and will be tough with the glass calm weather and holiday boat traffic but hopefully can do it tomorrow AM.  We tried the first channel and saw some fish rolling there but no bites out of them.  Gave it a good hour and a a half as fish were rolling right by our baits but never a bite.  We did catch a couple sharks however.  After that we ran towards flamingo and tried an area where my buddy said he found some the previous day.  He was right before we came off plane we saw several tarpon rolling so we anchored up and got in position.  Soon we hooked a double header and both guys landed there fish though we only got Bills up for a pictures, little guy of 20 lbs.  After that we proceeded to get 2 more fish to the boat, 2 more on the leader before the jumped off, and another one we missed entirely.  Ended up catching five my best catch date so far this year!  I’m glad summer time is here this is my favorite time of year hands down nowadays for tarpon fishing.  5 for 7

Capt. Rick Stanczyk