5/29/16 End of May Islamorada Tarpon Fishing Report

Had Jim, Jay, and Ruth Anne out again today for some tarpon fishing in the everglades.  We got out early and caught a little bit of bait on the way though the bait was a little tough.  Luckily we had plenty stashed away from the previous day to fish with but just have to try and keep on top of it for the next days sometimes too!  We set up in the same area we started yesterday and saw a few tarpon rolling and busting though not a ton of activity.  It was slick calm so I expected to see fish if there was a pack of them around.  Eventually we got a bite but he didn’t stick on the hook unfortunately we jumped him off.  A bit later Ruth Anne hooked one and we took off after him.  Unfortunately though he didn’t stay buttoned and came off after a wild jump.  Nothing anybody did wrong but sometimes tarpon just don’t like to stay on the hooks!  After that we ran caught a big shark and then ran out to try another area where there had been plenty of tarpon a few days ago though we didn’t see much this morning.  We did catch a few sharks though.  We ran the long way along the shoreline to flamingo to check for free jumpers or any signs of activity off the beach along the way, though didn’t see much.  I stopped at one area that can get very good in the summer and idled around for a few minutes but didn’t see anything worth stopping for.  We got to the channels in flamingo and the tide was still coming in hard so that was good.  We didn’t see much life but did see a couple tarpon roll and eventually had one behind the boat.  I thought for sure he’d eat and after 5 minutes, Jim had slowly lifted his line checking for grass and we saw a big huge boil as a fish got spooked.  I’m pretty sure that was him sniffing out the bait but just didn’t eat for whatever reason and then got spooked.  We did end up catching a big lemon shark after that and then it was time to head home.  Wish they were a little more cooperative but we had a couple shots at least and some fun with the sharks.  My trolling motor also had crapped out on me so time to send that in, luckily I have one in the shed that is suppose to be rebuilt brand new so just threw that one on there.  Back at it again tomorrow!  0 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk