2/26/18 Full Day February Fishing Report

Got out with return customer Jeff Godlewski today.  The winds laid off but still a slight breeze out of the south which I never really like.  We had some tarpon action early on with a couple bites on our live baits.  Jeff got tight with one though it was a long distance release as he came unbuttoned after a couple minutes.  Oh well.  We went and caught some fresh bait after that and took a look in some of the deeper everglades areas.  Not much for signs of life back there, we caught a few sharks in one spot.  Saw one tarpon and thought we might get some action but no love.  Really dirty water hopefully it will clean up soon.  We did some light tackle fishing mid day and that was OK, and then tried again around town in the afternoon for the last part of the day.  Saw a few tarpon in the local channels but again no reaction but we did catch a big barracuda and had a few larger shark bites.  Taking a day off tomorrow and then back at it wednesday.  The next 3 days look to be very calm and light easterly winds, so should be good for our fishing.  Look like a cold front incoming on Saturday.  Normally I don’t like those but I think we actually need it as it’s been so warm for February.  Probably won’t do the tarpon fishing any favors but hopefully it will help reset things a little with some of the dirty water etc…  0 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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