10/8/14 October Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada Update

I haven’t posted in a while so just wanted to touch base with all my readers!  Just got back from my honeymoon we had a great time cruising the Mediterranean.  Though not back to the grind.  September as usual was a slow month for business though there was still some good fishing to be had.  I was only here a couple weeks between the end of my wedding and my honeymoon, so only got out on the water a couple days and a couple more got rained out.  But I heard end of september/early october there was some great tarpon fishing with some of the beginning of the fall bait run occurring.  This time of year loads of mullet, pilchards, minnows, and other baits can get pushed down with the right conditions – usually some of the first ‘cool fronts’ of the year.  These northeast/north winds blow bait down the coastline and before the temperature really starts to drop, the tarpon and other fish follow and can really go crazy.  We are often fishing the mainland everglades area and it can be an unbelievable sight!  Imagine thousands of tarpon from 10 to 200 lbs free jumping and busting baits which are all around you.  Yes this can happen and it does regularly this time of year.  Anyways I was out yesterday and unfortunately the wind swung around southeast and this condition was not occurring, we only saw a handful of tarpon and did not have any action out of them but did catch some nice snook.  Anyways tarpon are still definitely a possibility and on the right day it can be as good as it ever does.  So if your looking to tarpon fish, coming up are the last few weeks that you stand a decent shot.  Once we get into November it is usually getting chillier and the fish are not as active and many leave all together.  Though later fall/winter is a great time of year for redfish, drum, snook, trout, mackerel, and more which I am doing until it warms up again for the 2015 tarpon season!  About half my October is booked up business is picking up so shoot me an email or call and let’s talk about fishing!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk