3/3/15 Florida Keys Backcountry Tarpon Fishing in March

Great day today.  We caught some mullets early in the morning.  Riding into the backcountry we came across a bunch of them in a channel.  One throw and I caught about 6 dozen – we are in business!  Ran into the backcountry to tarpon fish today.  We found some fish back there, tide was slack when we arrived but soon coming in.  Saw some fish roll and free jump.  As soon as current got moving we hooked up.  We ended up going 4 for 4, nice fish up to 90 lbs or so.  Caught a few sharks too.  Eventually they slowed down a bit and the ‘red weed’ that we often get back there in the spring got the better of us.  This weed gets all over your baits and lines, making it very tough to fish.  Luckily we caught it at the right time before the current ran to hard and caused that weed to make it tough to fish.  Anyways we ended the day in another area catching some big sharks, including a large bull shark.  4 for 4.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk