4/5/16 Morning and Evening half day tarpon trips

This morning I had Jeff and crew from CDW they’ve come for several years to fish with Bud n’ Mary’s.  They wanted dinner but I had some tarpon bait and fishing was good yesterday so we gave it a shot first.  We hooked up a nice smaller fish at the bridge on the incoming tide and landed him.  We normally do not boat tarpon but if they are under 40 inches you are still allowed to so I got a good hold of his head and belly and lifted him gently for a quick pic before release.  After that we gave it a little longer and then decided to go catch our dinner.  1 for 1

This evening fishing was tough the wind laid out flat and we had the last of the weak falling tide.  We saw some fish at a bridge and moved around a bit trying to line up on them.  They didn’t seem to want to respond but eventually we got one to eat.  We landed him a nice 60 lb fish.  After that the tide really quit and started to come in slowly.  We ran over a group of about 500 fish when we switched spots so I stopped and gave it a little while.  We had tarpon finning and literally passing right underneath our bobbers.  But they were not interested we had a few sharks bite us off.  Then at the end of the night I moved one more time and we had some fish at least give us some cheap shots but wouldn’t commit to eat the bait, and another shark stole a bait away out from under a tarpon.  Anyways was glad we got one several other boats fishing I know didn’t have any luck this night.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk