6/3/18 June Tarpon Fishing Islamorada Florida

Got out with Shannon and Derek today for day 1 of 3 for tarpon.  We found fish where we found them yesterday morning, but today they weren’t catchable for us.  The sharks were horrendous and we couldn’t keep a bait out more then 10 seconds.  We moved around a few times but to no avail.  We looked in some other areas, we did find a handful of fish in a channel.  Again we jumped around 3 times trying to line up on ones we saw rolling but no bites.  I think it may of been the same couple fish we saw didn’t seem like a big group.  We checked another channel and just gave it a look and didn’t see anything.  I offered to switch it up not really feeling the tarpon thing today but the boys wanted to go all in for the tarpon.  We ran and tried another channel – impossible to fish because seaweed was so bad.  We ran way up inside and fished, more sharks.  Looked in another area and never saw anything, and then tried near home for the last 45 minutes.  Did see one fish roll and had one swim under us off of the flat, but no bites.  I’m ready for the tarpon fishing to get good again… this has been one of the longest slow stretches I’ve seen since I’ve been guiding.  Hope it gets better soon!  There have been a few being caught but sounds like more near dark or super early morning.  With a few more days of west wind I don’t have very high hopes until we have some light easterly wind direction that fish like.  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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