7/17/18 July Tarpon Fishing Everglades

Got out with John, Jamison, and Christie today for a full day tarpon charter in the everglades.  We caught bait early and headed out.  I had the day off yesterday but had heard fish were still in the area where I had done very well the day before.  We headed that way.  We set up and did mark a good group of fish as we came into the spot so that was a good sign.  First few bites were just sharks and a sting ray.  Eventually though as the tide died we got a tarpon on for John, and then a minute later Jamison hooked up – double header!  We landed both fish and got some good pictures.  The tide was dead after that and then started to fall fairly soon.  No more tarpon bites here though we moved around and no luck just sharks.  I ran to another area where I hadn’t been in a while though heard there was some fish there.  There was a good group we set up and had to move around but Christie hooked up a big 100 lber!  The fish didn’t stay buttoned though we came back with nothing but a scale on the hook which was strange, must’ve been foul hooked.  Anyways it slowed down after that but we kept our eyes open and eventually saw the fish on the other side of the channel showing.  We snuck over there and then it was game on!  We had another 8 or so tarpon bites there, landing another double header, missing one more, and then a few singles.  Just great fishing.  Back at it tomorrow hopefully it stays just as good.  This july has been one heck of a month!  7 for 11

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing