7/18/18 Fishing for Tarpon in July summer time islamorada florida

Got out with Jason and Adriana today for a full day of tarpon fishing.  They fished with me back in May when we had some very wet weather.  We got one good tarpon for Jason and then got drenched in a tropical storm but made it happen.  Today looked much better and I told them fishing has been very good as well which they know because they follow my reports.  We got bait early and went to work.  I fished the channel where we had found fish yesterday and we got a big 120 lb for Jason to start.  This fish was angry similar to the one he caught in May, we fought it for an hour and chased it 1.5 miles!  Don’t get many bruisers like that this time of year but you never know.  After that the tide had quit and we reset.  We fished for a bit and then Adriana got a nice 50 lber.  We moved after that and started to see a ton of fish.  They were rolling 10 at  a time, but acting a little funny and moving around a lot and not feeding very actively.  After several moves and tries, we got another one for Adriana a nice 40 lber.  Then things settled down and it started to look like the day before.  We could see a nice hard mud strip form and the tarpon seemed to stay in that.  We proceeded to whack ’em, catching a double header right away and then several more including hooking another couple doubles.  We ended up landing eleven tarpon just insane fishing again.  I’ve literally caught more tarpon in the last 4 days then I did in the whole month of May.  July has been super strong and already my best month ever and we still have plenty of good days to go.  Remember folks don’t sleep on the summer time fishing here in Islamorada, it can be just so good and it really is my favorite time.  11 for 15

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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