7/19/18 July Tarpon Fishing Charter

Got out with Zack and his son Jacob today for day 1 of their 2 day trip with me.  It was another awesome one!  We headed out early and caught some bait to start the day.  Loaded the well and got to it.  Found the tarpon right away with the last couple hours of incoming tide.  Jacob got hooked up within the first 30 seconds and caught a nice silver king, then jumped another right after that.  Sharks moved in afterwards though and we moved around.  After a couple moves Jacob got a nice 65 lb tarpon!  Then we made one more move and got into the honey hole.  We caught 3 double headers in a row it was just crazy good.  Mostly smaller fish but they were hitting a bait if it made it to the water for sure.  After that the tide quit and we moved around and still caught a couple more fish on the tide change.  Then we got a couple more after that on the falling tide.  Though the last hour it finally slowed down a little.  I was wondering if it’d be my beat my best day ever which was a few days ago but unfortunately no.  Though still insanely good.  Back at it tomorrow with these guys we may mix it up a little and try the tarpon early then switch it up when the tide changes.  This july continues to be the most epic fishing I’ve ever seen for tarpon in Islamorada, let’s see how much longer it holds up for!  11 for 12

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing