3/13/17 March Tarpon Fishing Half Day Florida Keys

Got out with Lucas and Patrick today down from Tennessee on spring break.  They wanted to try and catch tarpon.  We had some leftover bait from a couple days ago, many of which stayed alive very well with the cooler water temperatures, so we were able to get out early and get right to it.  We had some action fairly quick, Lucas hooked a nice fish with not much fussing around.  We had him on for a minute or two, but unfortunately he shook the hook while jumping a ways from the boat.  Not a huge fish but a 50 lber maybe.  Soon after that Patrick hooked one about the same size, this one stayed on there though.  We caught him from the dead boat since he wasn’t super huge, and tried to get a double header.  But no luck, though Patrick landed his and we got a few pictures. After that we moved around a little, but no more love.  The tarpon were still showing here and there, and I saw a few on my bottom machine, but just were no longer active.  A few other boats in the channel were just doing a lot of sitting, though one did catch a fish right around the time while we were fighting ours.  Anyways after that we did a little light tackle fishing and had some fun.  We tried for tarpon again for the last 45 minutes, though all we had was a bunch of blacktip sharks.  Anyways not a bad way to spend a half day!  I’m up to miami tomorrow to see the birth of our child on Wednesday.  So no more tarpon fishing for me for a little while anyways.  Like I said yesterday, cold front coming tomorrow night, and suppose to stay chilly all week into the weekend.  So it’s a good time to take a break.  Should be back at it hopefully next week some time!  1 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk