3/12/17 Half Day March Tarpon Fishing

Well the baby is a little late so I opened myself up for a few half days the last few days.  We didn’t do any tarpon fishing the last couple though, but today Pete wanted to try and catch one.  I caught some mullet yesterday afternoon and we went to work this morning.  We fished our live baits and found a few fish in some of the local channels.  We had pretty good activity for about an hour and a half or so, having two solid bites and probably another half dozen ‘cheap shots’ where the tarpon bust on the mullet, slap it around, throw it in the air, etc… but just don’t quite eat it.  It’s definitely fun to watch the show, and the reason fishing live mullets is my favorite type of fishing for tarpon.  We did land one of the bites we got, got the fish up next to the boat but he started making a few crazy jumps towards us and threw the hook before we could get him laid up for a picture.  But a catch none the less.  After that things got quiet, so we looked in a few other areas but did not see much!  I really spent some time looking, as it was fairly calm and I figured we’d see fish if not mark them on the machine.  But no luck, we ended up fishing some of the bigger bridges for a bit, but never saw any fish there either.  Anyways, glad we were able to get some good action first thing in the morning, Pete was happy to catch one.  I’m available for a morning half day tomorrow, and then will definitely be having the baby by wednesday one way or another!  Looks like we are getting some cold weather tuesday night through the weekend… gonna be down near 60!  Perfect time to be taking off for the baby, as I’m sure that’ll make the tarpon a little slow for a while here.  Hopefully it’ll be nice and warm when I get back to fishing and lots of tarpon will be here!  1 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk