3/5/17 March Half Day fishing in high winds

Got out today with Mark, Peter, and Matthew we had crazy high winds of 30+ mph!  Yesterday was pretty much the same and we did some snapper fishing around some of the islands that are not too far away.  Luckily in our area there are enough shallow areas, even when it is blowing crazy like this you can still get out there and do some fishing.  Though options are limited.  Anyways we were really just hoping to catch some mangrove snappers, which we had good luck with yesterday.  We often catch some nicer size ones on cut bait.  But we got lucky and found some little tarpon too!  Matthew ended up catching one and it was one of his first times fishing, a nice little 15 lber on light 20 lb spinning gear.  A nice surprise on a nasty day like this!  Looks to be blowing the next few days though it will be coming down somewhat.  The water temperatures have dropped considerably – I know in the backcountry it was down in the high 60s even though the air temperature didn’t drop too much.  The tarpon back there won’t like that, so may be a few days before they show back up and get happy.  Once the wind calms down things will have a chance to warm back up and settle down.  I’ll be taking a week or so off here though after tomorrow, expecting the birth of my first child, so hopefully when I get back they’ll be chewing!  1 for 1

Note:  We normally do not lift tarpon out of the water, however smaller fish (under 40 inches) you are still allowed to remove from the water (carefully) for a quick picture.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk