7/28/15 Late July Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Report

Well yesterday I had just a half day and we caught some snappers for dinner and a couple other things.  Fishing wasn’t easy we had the last couple of days with hard southwest winds due to the rain storms around.  Today things were much nicer it was a light southwest wind and no rain.  I had leftover bait and we ran right to the channels to try some tarpon fishing.  We jumped one fish off after about 30 minutes and caught a shark.  Saw a few tarpon rolling but not a whole lot.  Eventually we ran out off the beaches to try and moved around a little but finally found a few fish.  I didn’t have a whole lot of bait but we were able to catch two and jumped another one off.  A few more sharks as well.  Things got very hot again today hopefully doesn’t hurt the fishing.  We did find a pile of mullet on the way home too.  Tomorrow I have a half day just rod bending, and then out of town for a week or so.  2 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk