5/23/18 May Tarpon Fishing Florida Keys

Got out for a full day with return customer Howard and his sister Jating.  We made the run deep into the backcountry early.  Today wasn’t our day though, the tarpon up and disappeared on us!  We did see a small handful but they weren’t cooperative, made a few moves around and tried to get in front of a few but no response.  There were several fly fishermen in the area too and they slowly started to move on as well.  Funny how things can change, we had pretty similar weather conditions with the wind and such as the last few days.  Anyways was a tough day for us we caught a handful of trout and a mackerel on the way home and that was about it.  I have this crew again tomorrow and I think I may stick to the same plan and hope tomorrow is another day, I heard the local bite has been pretty dismal and there hasn’t been much else out in the other backcountry areas.  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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