10/27/15 Deep Everglades Tarpon Fishing in October

Well had a tarpon request the other day.  I had heard it was starting to get pretty good deep in the everglades for the last ‘fall mullet run.’  We ran back there and there was TONS of bait getting popped by tarpon on the last of the falling tide.  Unfortunately they were not biting really good but when the tide started to go in the bait left.  We continued making drifts with our live mullet and eventually had a ‘cheap shot’ where a tarpon busted our bait but did not eat it.  Then next drift we hooked and caught a 100 lb fish.  Unfortunately he got us in the tree limbs and broke us off though we did get him up next to the boat briefly and leader in the rod tip for a technical release.  I am going out of town now and this is likely the last ‘tarpon trip’ I will fish this year as we are now getting into the winter time mode here in the Florida Keys.  Tarpon fishing is just not very good though the winter, though if we get a warm weather streak where it is 80 degrees for several days and the water temperatures get up in the high 70s it can be possible.  Though I am focusing more on things like redfish, drum, and snook in the everglades, mackerel in the gulf, and patch reef fishing for porgy, hogfish, snapper, and grouper.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk