4/16/16 Everglades Tarpon Fishing in April

Ran back into the everglades today to give the tarpon fishing a try.  We had slick calm weather in the morning and the start of the incoming tide.  We caught some mullets very early and made our way back there.  Saw some fish in the first channel we stopped in things looked right and they were biting a bit.  We hooked and landed 3 tarpon from 40 to 80 lbs plus a few sharks.  Nice to have them so cooperative!  After that the wind kicked up a little northeast and we ran and tried another area.  Nothing but sharks there but some good size blacktips.  After that I tried a little area I’ve only fished a few times but have caught tarpon there before.  There were some fly fishing guys poling nearby so I snuck around them and got set up.  We saw a few tarpon roll and had a couple sharks bite us off, but soon hooked another 80 lb tarpon that we landed!  Such a pretty spot to catch one at too.  After that we tried some channels near flamingo and saw a few busts, not sure what they were.  But we ended up landing about a 200 lb tiger shark which was very cool to see that far up into the bay.  Anyways a great day!  4 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk