4/15/16 Florida Keys Night Tarpon Fishing Report

Got out this evening for the silver king.  We fished 6 to 10.  Had the last of the incoming tide with it slicked out, not much wind.  I tried an area I hadn’t fished at all really this year and we saw a few fish rolling around.  I moved and got lined up on them and we put our baits out.  Had a couple sharks early on.  After 45 minutes we finally hooked and landed a nice 90 lb tarpon.  After that the tide quit and we moved back into the other channels to fish our crabs at dark.  As the tide started falling and the sun went down the tarpon got very active.  We had 3 bites on our first drift, jumping off the first two fish and then landing the last one about a 80 lb fish.  After that we made three more drifts, on the last drift we had something crush our crab but not sure what it was.  Anyways glad we were there while they were fired up and always good to catch a couple tarpon!  Full day tomorrow though I may consider fishing a late evening again as I have an opening sunday, will take whatever trip comes first!  2 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk