7/7/18 July Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Trip in the Everglades

Got out with Michel and Nico for day 2 today.  We headed out early and caught some bait.  Got a good whack on it and really loaded up.  Did see a few tarpon in the area where the bait was though we didn’t fish there but that was good to know.  We ran where I’d been getting the tarpon lately.  Sure enough we hooked up a double header first two baits out, same things has happened the last three days!  We caught both fish but neither of them were cooperative for pictures they broke off while leadering them.  We set back up and then caught a nice 25 lb cobia for Michel which was cool!  After that the sharks moved in and the tarpon seemed done with.  That spot may be done for a while now I think.  We ran out further and checked where we found some tarpon yesterday afternoon.  They were there and we fished them for a while.  Definitely some fish in the area but not as responsive.  We put some time in and didn’t get a bite though we did get a shark.  We moved and then put more time in and right as we were about to leave we did hook up!  Nico got a nice 40 lber that we really pulled on for a while.  He wanted to get some good pictures.  Unfortunately after a 40 minute battle he too snapped off.  We had him leadered 4 or 5 times but just wouldn’t roll over.  All you can do is keep pulling really and unfortunately some fish are just stubborn like that, when they don’t want to give up they are hard all around for getting pictures.  Anyways after that the tide quit, we moved around and when it started moving again we had one more tarpon bite but we missed him.  Caught a few more sharks and then a few jack crevelle and trout.  That was the end of our day.  But another good one with three tarpon caught!  3 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing