7/13/17 July Tarpon Fishing Report

Got out with Brandon and Chad today down from Georgia.  Tarpon was the desired species.  It was fairly windy with a north breeze when we got into the backcountry that turned to south/southeast later in the day.  Mullet were hard to come by we had to work hard but were able to put a good catch of bait together.  Rain was chasing us around too.  We tried fishing the area where there’d been some fish early in the morning, saw one jumper.  We set up but the rains came and I decided to just boogey where I had good tarpon action the few days before where there was no rain.  We got out there and saw some tarpon – good sign.  But we weren’t able to get them to respond, we moved several times, got in front of some good schools, but just no bites.  After a while they seemed to disappear too, as I’d been seeing them rolling and splashing a lot every time i’d been out there, so when it went quite I was worried.  We looked further down the mainland, but didn’t see much for tarpon life.  I then tried some other channels that I hadn’t fished the last few weeks since my routines been working.  Though those areas all seemed dead… we fished 3 different channels, and idled through another one, and never saw a tarpon for sure.  We caught a few sharks, and a big sting ray, and that was it.  Anyways we worked hard at it and went through a lot of bait, hopefully it gets a little easier.  I’m off tomorrow, then just a half day on Saturday, should be back to the tarpon grind on Sunday.  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk