7/16/17 July Tarpon Fishing in the Everglades

Got out with Ken and his wife today for some tarpon fishing in islamorada.  We headed out early and stopped for bait, the bait was nice and easy for a change.  We also didn’t have any rain or storms to chase us around which was very nice too.  Was able to load up and even have some leftovers for the next day or two.  We tried our morning area where the fishing had been decent the most part the last couple weeks.  Saw a couple roll and we moved over to ’em but didn’t have a bite and didn’t see much after that.  We tried moving a bit but no luck.  We then went up inside on of the channels nearby, and saw some fish in there, but still no response.  We made a couple moves again trying to get in front of different fish, but just no love.  I checked one more area out that I hadn’t really been in yet this year, and we some some splashes.  I set up and then noticed some bigger busts on the other side of the channel.  We moved over there, and then start to see a few fish roll and marked them on my machine…  I knew it was game on.  We had a double header bite, but unfortunately Ken’s came off, though his wife caught the other one.  Ladies always seem to have that luck!  After that we jumped another one off in the rod holder, and had another mystery zip that I’m sure was likely a tarpon since we had no shark bites in there.  Ken then caught a couple tarpon, one nice one of about 75 lbs or so, and the other was about 50.  After that the tide quit, we tried to catch a few trout on the way home which was a little slow, but got one and a few ladyfish and a shark.  After that we were all worn out and hot and headed in a few minutes early.  But all in all a great day it took a little work to find ’em, but luckily we kept grinding and had a great day to show for it.  3 for 5

Capt. Rick Stanczyk