7/17/17 July backcountry tarpon fishing in Islamorada Florida Keys

Got out with David and Stanley today for some tarpon fishing in islamorada.  We left out early and ran into the backcountry.  The winds had kicked up out of the southwest, not honking but a good 10-15 mph.  I was a little worried that might make the fish move around a bit they usually dont like south wind!  We were able to catch some bait on the way and hit the areas where I had found them yesterday.  Luckily they were still there… We had the tide just starting in, and had some action right away.  We jumped the first fish off, actually the hook broke on us oddly that doesn’t happen too often.  After that we proceeded to put on a clinic.  Stanley landed 3 fish, Dave got 1, and he also had another one we got to the leader but unfortunately got tip wrapped and broke off next to the boat… but had the leader so a technical release.  It was game on for a good little 2 hour window.  After that things slowed down a bit, we went and just did some light action fishing and caught some trout and then came home!  Days like today make it look easy but it’s not always like that… makes you appreciate it when it is!  Hopefully the fish will stay put, I heard the other batch of fish had disappeared today with that bad wind direction, so if it goes back east hopefully they’ll come back.  5 for 6

Capt. Rick Stanczyk