7/18/17 July Tarpon Fishing Full Day Florida Keys

Got out with Brad and David today.  We hit the same area as yesterday, had the very start of the incoming tide.  The fish were there, not quite as happy as the last few days though.  We moved a few times and managed to catch a couple though, plus plenty of sharks.  Funny as the sharks were not there at all the last couple days.  Anyways after that we left though another boat told me they did bite a little more later on after the tide got going better.  We caught another tarpon out off the mainland areas where they had been mixed in with all the sharks.  Saw several big groups of fish, and got in front of them and hooked up pretty quick.  After that things settled down and the tide was quitting out there.  We ran out into the gulf to take a peek and found some cobia, one got eaten by a shark but we got one to the boat.  A few nice trout and a pompano as well.  Great day, back at it again with these guys the next two days.  We may try some other things but if we see some tarpon I’m sure we’ll give that a go for a little bit.  3 for 3

P.S. Again we normally don’t lift tarpon out of the water, however this one was under 40 inches so it is allowed.  Though we are careful to support the belly, and not let them flop around on the deck or wipe their slime off too much.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk