7/19/17 July Islamorada Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing

Got out with Brad and David again today.  We didn’t solely focus on tarpon and decided to mix things up a bit.  Early in the morning we tried to catch some pilchards, small live baits, for some snook and such.  Didn’t have much luck with that so we just went with some artificials.  We were able to catch a handful of snook and some nice trout fishing the beach shorelines.  Was hoping we’d see some tarpon off the beaches, but alas never even saw one!  We ran back and fished some of the channels where I’d been getting them the last few mornings.  Didn’t see a whole lot, but eventually a couple rolled and we got around them and Brad caught a nice 50 lb fish!  That was about all she wrote though, it was about 11:00 and we finished the day catching a few snappers for dinner.  Have these guys again tomorrow for the last day then I’m out of town through the weekend.  Tarpon will likely be on the menu at some point during the day!  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk