4/13/14 More tarpon fishing in islamorada florida keys!

Ran into the backcountry again this morning.  Caught a few mullets early in the dark to have some fresh livies for the day.  We caught a tarpon early on the last of the falling tide and had some shark activity too.  Though once the tide quit and turned we didn’t see anything or have any other bites.  Looked around for some smaller stuff to bend the light rods and that was tough too.. weird day back there!  But our luck got better in the afternoon we ran into a big ball of mullet which we filled the boat with.  We stopped in the marina for 15 minutes to take a bathroom break and clean up the boat.  Then we went out and found some fish locally in the islamorada tarpon fishing channels.  We set up and hooked a nice 50 lb fish within 5 minutes.  Caught him and then set back up and after another 20 minutes had a nice 100 lber on!  Finished the day with that and we were very happy!  Great day!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk