7/29/16 Late July Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing

Went way into the backcountry since it was slick calm this morning and fished off the beaches.  Mullet were thick we must’ve caught close to 100 in a couple throws!  We didn’t see much for tarpon way out off the beaches.  Very strange this year it hasn’t gotten very good like it was for almost all of June and July last year.  A few days here and there but not much consistently though it was very windy for several weeks which is likely a big factor.  Today we looked hard and eventually saw a fish bust and ran close by and a few were rolling in the area.  Once we got positioned right we had bites pretty quick, unfortunately they didn’t stay buttoned.  We jumped one off, had one steal a bait, and had the line break on another.  Just one of those days!  The sharks ate us up and we caught plenty of them.  Eventually after jumping around a couple times we got one tarpon to stick that we landed though he pulled off with the leader in hand.  Anyways after that it dried up we tried another area and more shark activity.  1 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk