12/27/17 Late december Tarpon Fishing in the Florida Keys

Got out with Rich and Luke Cromwell today.  We had a banner day catching all kinds of stuff including snook, triple tail, trout, cobia, and of course tarpon!  Figured it might be a little better today as the water was warmer and the winds were lighter and more out of the east.  We didn’t give it a shot until later in the day as I knew early on we’d have lame tide with a weak incoming.  We got their and found the tarpon still in the same area.  It wasn’t really easy we had to work at it and make several moves.  But after about 1.5 hours we finally fooled a nice 90 lb tarpon!  Luke fought him well and the silver king put on a good shot for us.  Lots of jumping and hard fighting.  We got him boatside after about a 30 minute battle, and he cooperated for nice pictures!  All in all a great day for Luke and his dad hopefully the fish will be as cooperative tomorrow.  Looks like we may get a couple more days of it staying just warm enough for a realistic shot at catching tarpon in december.  Friday night though another cold front back down in the 60s, and then it will get even colder the next several nights.  So that may be all she wrote for tarpon in our area until next year!  Will keep you all posted.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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