7/29/18 July Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Trip

Got out today despite some nasty looking weather!  It didn’t look bad early so we headed back into the backcountry, but as soon as we stopped for bait I could see a big line of thunderstorms building behind us and heading our way.  We got our bait and ran towards flamingo so we could duck in and hide if necessary.  We looked around and weather was definitely coming soon so we ran in and ducked into the flamingo store.  Had to sit there for an hour as nasty weather rolled by and it was blowing 30 mph.  Finally the wind let up and it was just a drizzle so we headed back out.  Found some tarpon right away where we stopped.  We set up and soon jumped one off!  Good sign and they were definitely still hanging around.  Then we had another weird bite where a tarpon jumped at us but threw the bait right away.  Unfortunate!  Finally we got one more shot thankfully and Keith caught his first ever tarpon a nice 40 lber.  After that we tried for a few more minutes but the thunderstorms started cracking lightning and more weather was coming.  So we headed back and just called it a half day.  But glad to get one and had a couple other shots.  The tarpon were much happier today as we only had 3 bites all day yesterday, but today had 3 bites in about 30 minutes.  You never know unless you go!  Hopefully the weather gets a little better tomorrow but looks like it may be similar.  1 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing